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HOD dentistryDepartmental Functions:

General Out Patient

Services Restorative, Exodontias, Minor Oral Surgery, Oral prophylaxis, Fabrication of Dental Prosthesia.

Specialized Oral and maxillofacial Services : Outpatient clinics, Theatre sessions and Ward rounds, Orthodontic and other specialized services.

Academic Programmes:

Weekly departmental Seminars, weekly Consultant teaching clinics and Teaching ward rounds, Bi-weekly journal reviews, clinics pathologic seminars, weekly case presentations, Bi-weekly project /Dissertation reviews and updates. Mortality reviews and discharge summaries.

Training and supervision of house officers , dental therapist Interns, Dental surgery Assistants as well as dental student on out –posting.

Staff Disposition:

  1. Consultants  ( (5  Hospital Consultants,  4 Visiting Consultants);
  2. Visiting consultants joined in the year under review;
  3. Restorative dentistry;
  4. Oral and maxillofacial surgery;
  5. Senior registrars  6 (2 supernumerary);
  6. Registrars     16 (1 honourary,  3 supernumerary)
  7. Dental officer                       1
  8. Corper                                1
  9. Locum dental officers            1
  10. Dental Technologist             1  
  11.  Dental Therapists               3
  12. Dental Surgery Assistant      7
  13.  Locum Dental Technologist   1
  14.  Nursing Staff                     1
  15.  Intern dental Therapist        4
  16.  Administrative staff            1
  17.  Hospital Attendants            3

Level of Performance:

Residency Training:

  • One Registrar sat for the Part 1 Exam in October 2011. He is to repeat the exam in May 2013.
  • Ten additional house officers were employed for the mandatory 1 year house job.
  • Six Residents were posted out for part one rotation in several other specialties.
  • Six dental surgery assistants in training completed their clinical rotation in the year under review.
  • Five dental therapist interns joined the department for training.

Clinical Attendance

A total number of seven thousand, three hundred and sixty one (7,361) patients attended both the Maxillofacial and General dental clinics which accounted for 1,731 and 5,630 respectively. 3,451 were new patients while 3910 were old patients.Construction of 1st and 2nd Phases of Dental Centre











Revenue Generation

A total of Eighteen million , two hundred and forty five thousand three hundred naira( N18,245,300) was revenue generated in the year. The net profit was Eight million eight hundred and five thousand , eight hundred and thirty naira ninety kobo (N8,805,830.90)

Oral Health Awareness:  Oral health talks have continued to be delivered routinely at the department and in GOPD.

Departmental Library: A departmental library was created and is currently in effective use.

Child Dental Health and Orthodontic Clinic:

The child dental health and orthodontics clinic were separated from the VIP/Retainership clinic and moved to the dental unit for better effectiveness of service.

Staff Training & Development:

Several staff attended conferences and workshop at both local and International levels.

Research and Developments:

New research teams were inaugurated and several publication are under way in various specialties of dentistry including Maxillofacial Surgery, Restorative dentistry and dental public health.


Finally, the department of Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery is happy to announce the successful lunching of the KANDAHA Quarterly Newsletter, the maiden issue is available for download here


The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Bayero University, Kano, and the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital is excited to invite you to the FACULTY OF DENTISTRY LECTURE SERIES. The inaugural lecture in the series is entitled: DENTISTRY EVOLUTION: Beauty and Culture Interplay and it will be delivered by Prof. Akin Ladeinde, a professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery, University of Lagos. Read More

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