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Departmental Functions:

  • Professional registration and documentation of patients’ health information;
  • Professional custody of patients’ health information;
  • Efficient retrieval of needed health information;
  • Clinical coding and indexing of diagnosis and procedures;
  • Management of medical correspondence;
  • Hospital Activities Analysis;
  • Facilitates clinical research activities.

Staff Disposition:

  • No. of Health Information Managers                 =          8
  • No. of Health Records Technicians                   =          27
  • No. of Health Records Assistants                    =          12
  • No. of Statistical Officers                                =          2
  • No. of Confidential Secretaries                        =          2
  • No. of Health Records Clerks                          =          49
  • No. of Health Records Attendants                   =          8
  • No. of Messengers                                        =           4
  • Total number of Staff in the Department         =          112

Level of Performance:

  • Total number of outpatients’s attendance       =          372,776 pts
  • Total number of in-patients’ admission           =          20,277 pts
  • Total number of discharges                           =          18,138 pts
  • Total number of death in the year                  =          1,675 pts
  • Average Length of Stay                                =          7 days
  • Bed Turnover                                              =          37 pts
  • Percentage of occupancy                              =          71%
  • Total number of live births                            =           4,947 Babies
  • Total number of still births                            =          226  Babies      
  • Total number of deliveries                             =          5,173
  • Total number of             c/s                          =          767
  • Total number of surgery performed                =          3,774


  1. The department, through Management’s support, successfully organized in-house seminar/workshop for all Health Records Staff in February. This assisted greatly in bridging the professional knowledge gap among the staff for effective performance.
  2. Renovation and furnishing of the existing central records library. This has contributed immensely in reducing missing of patients’ case files.
  3. Three junior staff were employed to support departmental operational efficiency.
  4. A total number of 31 staff were promoted by the Management (i.e. 11 senior and 20 junior staff).
  5. Four (4) staff were upgraded to Health Records Technician in the department after successfully completing their National Diploma at SHIM, ATKH, Kano.
  6. Prompt approval of health records consumables by the Management which prevented “out-of-stock” syndrome. This assisted in quality patients’ health documentation.
  7. There was improved intra and interdepartmental relationship in the hospital through regular monthly meeting in the department.
  8. In spite of the security challenges within the state and nation at large, the department of Health Records, in collaboration with the Management successfully organized a National Scientific Seminar/Workshop for Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria at AKTH, Kano. This has given AKTH Management a great achievement in contributing to knowledge among tertiary healthcare institutions in Nigeria.
  9. The Department of Health Records successfully presented a scientific paper titled “Records Preservation and Conservation” during clinical meeting in September, 2012.

Staff Development/Training/Seminars and Conferences Attended:

  1. A total number of nineteen staff  (7senior and 12 junior staff) were sponsored to different seminars/workshops for improved service delivery.
  2. Two Senior staff were sponsored by the Management for a 2-year National Diploma in Health Information Management at SHIM, AKTH, Kano.
  3. A senior staff was also sponsored for a 2-year HND in Health Information Management at SHIM, AKTH, Kano.
  4. Three junior staff of the department who were sponsored by the Management, passed their final National Diploma Exams at SHIM, AKTH, Kano.

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