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HOD HorticultureThe department has two sections, namely Horticulture & Environmental sections. Collectively, the two sections ensure overall environmental cleanliness and aesthetics of the hospital premises. This includes establishment and management of flora for the provision of aesthetic beauty of the hospital. It also ensures provision of clean and hygienic environment through routine sanitation and waste management pest control, including fumigation of theatres and mosquito/other vectors control.

Departmental Functions:

During the year under review, the two sections carried out the following routine functions:

Horticultural Section:

1.Routine hedge/other flora trimming for provision of well-maintained landscape,

2.Raised various ornamental seedlings, which were used for beating off (replacement of dead plants) in the hospital, to mention few,

3.Undertake lawns development and maintenance,

4.Procurement of modern landscaping equipment.

 Environmental Health Section:

1.Routine management of health-care/solid waste in the hospital and some staff quarters,

2.Periodic fumigation of operating Theaters, DOTS Units at Drug Manufacturing Unit,

3.Routine general sanitation of the entire hospital premises,

4.Disposal of unclaimed corpses, specimens and expired blood from Histopathology and Blood Banks respectively,

5.Collection and incineration of safety boxes and other health-care waste within the hospital and other places like state clinic Kano and BUK  to mention few,

6.Undertake public health, pest and vector control exercise,

7.Carry out Sanitary Inspection of Premises (SIP) including commercial outlets.

Staff Disposition:

1.Chief Horticulturalist                                                    1

2.Chief Environmental Health Officer                                  1

3.Principal Environmental Health Officer                              1

4.Principal Environmental Health Superintendant I                 1

5.Principal Environmental Health Superintendant II                1

6.Senior Environmental Health Officer                                 1

7.Chief Environmental Health Assistant                               1

8.Principal Environmental Health Assistant                           1

9.Senior Environmental Health Assistant                              1

10.Environmental Health Assistant                                      2

11.Forest Overseer                                                          1

12.Gardeners and Cleaners (permanent)                              31

13.Gardener and Cleaners (casual)                                     62

14.Youth Corp Members                                                   3

Achievements in Year 2012:

1.Completion of landscaping works at newly constructed Retainership Clinic/Ward.

2.Establishment and new landscape design of Two (2) recreational parks at Psychiatry and Post-Natal/Gynae wards.

3.Full commencement of Sanitary Inspection of Premises (SIP) in the hospital.

4.Maintaining and improving high level Sanitation, beautification and vectors control exercise in the hospital.

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