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HOD DrugsDrug Manufacturing Unit: (DMU)

The DMU started as Compounding and Quality Control Unit under the Department of Pharmaceutical Services in 1999 and later upgraded to a Small Scale Drug Manufacturing Unit in 2003. By 2006 the Unit was under positioned the Office of the Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee. The Unit was established for Manufacturing and assessing the efficacy of drugs as provided in the hospital manual.

Departmental Function:

  1. Extemporaneous Preparations. Preparing Medicines by hand on a small scale tailored to specific need of an individual patient.
  2. Chemicals and Related Products. Preparation of solutions like, Methylated Spirit, Eusol, Hydrogen Peroxide and also filtered and distilled water for supply to Hospitals.
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Manufacturing of NAFDAC registered drugs like, AMIDOL Syrup (Paracetamol) and AMIKAQUINE Syrup (Chloroquine).
  5. Research and Information Dissemination. Carrying out research on various aspects of Pharmacy Practice, especially those related to formulation and Compounding. Also Information dissemination on topical issues regarding Pharmacy.
  6. Training of Pharmacists and Students Intern Pharmacist, Chemist, Microbiologist, Biochemist, Industrial Chemist from various Institutions and also receiving visitors on educational visits.

Staff Disposition:

The Unit has a staff strength of Twenty three (23),

  • 1 Chief Pharmacist,
  • 1 Production Pharmacist,
  • 2 Chemical Analysts,
  • 2 Microbiologists,
  • 1 Confidential Secretary,
  • 1 Senior Pharmacy Technician,
  • 3 Pharmacy Technicians,
  • 1 Clerical Officer,
  • 1 Store Officer,
  • 4 Senior Attendants,
  • 1 Senior Cleaner,
  • 1 Senior Hospital Attendant (Admin Services),
  • 1 Maintenance officer,
  • 1 Driver, and
  • 2 casual staffs.

Level of Performance And Achievements in 2012:

  1. Able to meet hospital need of the items we produce: Namely, AMIDOL syrup, AMIKAQUINE syrup, AMI Water, Methylated Spirit, Eusol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Filtered Water, Distilled Water and Extemporaneous preparations.
  2. The Report of production for 2009, items worth a total of N4,196,383 were produced

1 Amidol x60ml 29,997 29,336 7 97.8% 1,151,073 27.4%
2 Amikaquine 60ml 14,998 14,577 4 97.2% 586,676 13.4%
3 M/Sprit (Lts) 2,643.2 2,638.2 21 99.8% 711,714 16.9%
4 Eusol (Lts) 769 665 14 85.2% 13,100 0.3%
5 Hydrogen Peroxide 982 982 14 100% 29,360 0.7%
6 Syrup B.P. (Lts) 160 160 10 100% 300,000 7.2%
7 Refilled water (20Lts) 1,799 1444 76 80.3% 144,400 3.4%
8 Packaged water x 20 a bag 61,750 31514 171 51% 1,260,560 30%

1) student on Siwes, 3 - 3 intern Pharmacists, and 3 NYSC corp member were trained,
2) Three Senior Hospital attendants were posted to the unit and one casual staff was promoted and posted to Works and Services.
3) Production of packaged water has commenced (AMI Water AL-4049L) so far it has been well accepted in the market and we are meeting the demand of patients and hospital staff.
4) The unit is exploring the possibility of meeting the demand of patients on special diet and also prospects of marketing food items like custard, curry, yoghurt, juice etc. A food section has been established for this with Microbiologist, Biochemist food technologist and corpers helping in conducting the research.
5) The Unit is presently servicing more department, and committees including O & G (Lugol, monsel and acetic acid). Surgery (Alum). Infection control Committee, Hand rub (disinfectant)

Staff Development/Training/Seminars/Conferences Attended In 2009
1. FWPCP,PCN-MPCD & Workshop for (2) staff
2. Confirmation of two (2) staff
3. Promotion of one (1) staff
4. Training under Institute of Public Analyst of Nigeria for One of our staff.
5. Two staff Part 1 of Fellowship of West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacist, they are now Associate members
6. PCN mandatory Continuing Education Development for 2 staff

Research And Publication
1) Custard Powder formulation (four different types) by corpers
2) Yoghurt formulation by Corper
3) Preservative effect of Sodium metabisulphite on “Kunun Aya” (a local
drink) sold at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital by Microbiologists

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