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Drug Manufacturing Unit: (DMU)

The DMU is a Small Scale Drug Manufacturing factory established for manufacturing and assessing the efficacy of drugs. It is the first of such Unit in a hospital in Nigeria that has NAFDAC registered drugs for sales in commercial quantities. It meets the hospital needs in all extemporaneous (compounded) preparations, most Chemicals and Solutions used in sanitizing the hospital and some manufactured products like Paracetamol syrup.

a. Special Extemporaneous Preparations Developed for Hospital use in various Departments
1. Bismuth Iodoform Paraffin Paste (BIPP) for ENT Department
2. Glyceryl Trinitrate rectal ointment for Surgery Department
3. Acetic Acid/Tricloro Acetic Acid for Gynaecology Department
4. 1% Alum Solution for irrigation for Gynaecology Department
5. Potassium Permanganate Solution – Surgery/Medicine
6. 50% Hydrogen Peroxide-Dialysis Unit
7. 50% Alcohol
8. Nifedipine ointment
9. Morsel Solution
10. Citric acid for dialysis
11. Potassium Hydroxide Solution 10%, 20%, and 40%
b. Products: -
1. AMIDOL SYRUP (Paracetamol BP) NAFDAC Registered
2. AMIKAQUINE SYRUP (Chloroquine phosphate B.P) NAFDAC Registered
3. AMI WATER (Potable sachet water 500ml) NAFDAC Registered
5. Eusol Lotion
6. Hydrogen Peroxide (6%)
7. Alcohol-Based Hand Rub (Hand Sanitizer)
8. AMLON (Cetrimide, Chlohexidine) Anti Septic solution
9. Antibacterial Liquid Hand wash (Hand Sanitizer)
10. Salicylic Acid ointment 5%,10% and 15%

11. Purified water (Deionized water)
12. Distilled water
13. Bottled water (20 litres)
14. Iodine solution

1) Extemporaneous Preparations Known as compounding. It involves the preparation of medicine by hand
on a small scale tailored to the specific need of an individual patient. This included product like Quinine suspension that is highly unstable and requires to be prepared fresh for patients.
2) Chemicals and Related Products: Preparation of Solutions like Methylated Spirit, Eusol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol-based hand rub and also Filtered and Distilled water.

3) Manufacturing
Production of NAFDAC registered drugs AMIDOL (A brand of Paracetamol BP) and AMIKAQUINE (A brand of Chloroquine Phosphate BP) at commercial quantities.
4) Packaged Water
Production of NAFDAC registered sachet water AMI WATER at Commercial quantity
5) Research and Information Dissemination Research in various aspects of Pharmacy practice related to formulation and Compounding, information dissemination on topical issues regarding
Pharmacy practice.
6) Training
Intern Pharmacist, Chemists, Microbiologist and Industrial Chemists from institutions and also students on educational visits

Head of Department

Pharm. Ahmad Gana Mohammed

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